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This year's University Street Fair will affect traffic and parking May 18 - 20. A $10 evening rate will be in effect in the Central Parking Garage on May 18 & 19. Garage space will be reserved for performance patrons.

Meany Hall Food & Beverage Menu


Seasonal Menu Fall 2016


Greek Chop Salad with Quinoa
Chick peas, cucumber, roasted red peppers, green bell peppers, Kalamata olives, grape tomatoes and quinoa with lemon-herb vinaigrette


Thai Chicken Baguette:
Thai marinated chicken breast with cabbage-carrot sweet chili slaw and Sriracha mayo on a demi baguette


Cookies $3
Brownies $5
Dessert bars $5
Specialty dessert $5
Ice cream bars $3
Nuts $3
Candy $2


Beer $6
Wine $7
Spirits $9
Specialty Drink Meany Martini $9
Soda $3
Water $3
Juice $3


Water $3
Juice $3
Soda $3
Coffee/Tea $3;


Latte $4
Cappuccino $4
Mocha $4
Americano $3
Italian soda $3
Chai Tea $3
Hot Chocolate $3

Bar and Cafe Locations

Upper Lobby Bar

Wine, Spirits, Beer
Sandwiches and salads, trail mix
Soft drinks and juice

West Lobby Cafe

Drip coffee and tea
Baked goods
Soft drinks and juice

Lower Lobby Cafe

Drip coffee and tea
Baked goods
Soft drinks and juice
Ice cream

Cash or credit (VISA or Mastercard) accepted at all locations